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CEREC™ One-Visit Crowns

Natural-Looking Crowns Made During Your Visit

CEREC Dental Crowns Dentist Cincinnati OHYou might have had a crown placed in the past, so you are familiar with the inconvenient routine of having that temporary crown placed, waiting for the permanent crown to be constructed, and then returning to the dental office for final placement. And if that crown doesn't fit properly, the entire process starts all over again.

CEREC One Visit Dental Crowns Cincinnati OHDr. Hagen uses CEREC™ technology, which gives a perfectly fitting crown in only one visit! This system uses a computer to create and mill your restoration. It is able to construct the crown in only a few minutes! The full procedure from start to finish takes just about an hour. So it is only one convenient trip to our office to get your crown made. Our patients absolutely love the exceptional function and how lifelike it looks.

We begin with a special camera that takes an image of your tooth and uploads it onto our computer. This allows us to design the crown, which CEREC then takes over and automatically mills. The final step is bonding the crown to the tooth structure. 

We think you'll love the ease and convenience of having a crown made with CEREC!

There's no charge to discuss CEREC with Dr. Hagen. Schedule online or call today at (513) 251-5500 to schedule a visit for your complimentary consultation.