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We Enjoy Caring for Our Youngest PatientsDental Care for Kids Cincinnati OH

We hope children and future generations grow up without any fear of the dentist. As many parents have told us, their children look forward to their visits to our office. We can calm fears in children of any age and put them at ease. 

Selecting a Child's Dentist is as Important as Choosing Their Pediatrician

We emphasize strong dental hygiene habits at an early age. Children are more susceptible to cavities, as they have not yet learned to properly brush their teeth. We encourage parents to become involved in their children's daily dental care for improved cleaning and regular daily care. 

Since children often eat several times a day, this extends the exposure of acid coming into contact with their teeth. Each time you eat, acid is produced as food is digested. As acid accumulates and bacteria gathers, cavities begin to form. If a tooth is not properly cleaned, additional acid will increase the rate at which cavities develop.

With smart eating choices, improved brushing habits, and an application of fluoride varnish to mineralize teeth, the chances of decay can be greatly reduced. 

Easily Prevent Child Tooth Decay with a Dental Sealant

Children often need assistance to prevent tooth decay. They may miss or poorly clean difficult areas such as back teeth. When acid forms, bacteria and plaque develop and will lead to decay. Tooth decay is permanent damage that needs to be repaired with a filling or crown

We have a convenient treatment that assists in the protection of teeth from cavities. A dental sealant is applied in a fast, easy procedure. The teeth are first cleaned and sterilized. A thin layer of clear or white sealant is applied to each tooth. We then use a curing light to bond the sealant to the teeth. This virtually invisible coating will drastically reduce the occurrence of cavities. No shots or drilling would be required, and the tooth structure is not affected. The procedure takes just minutes, but the benefits will endure through a child's formative and teenage years, when they can be most susceptible to tooth decay. 

We believe your entire family deserves healthy smiles! Don't hesitate to call today at (513) 251-5500 or click the online scheduling button to schedule your next dental visits.


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