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Hygiene Visits to Maintain Your Healthy Teeth and GumsProfessional Teeth Cleaning Cincinnati OH

Getting a teeth cleaning from our professional hygienist regularly helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy and reduces the risks for health problems. Routine brushing cleans most areas of your smile. However, hard-to-reach areas can be neglected or missed, allowing plaque or tartar to build up on the surface of teeth and beneath the gumline. If not removed, it can create serious problems leading to life-threatening conditions with your heart, diabetes, or stroke. We highly recommend regular maintenance cleanings to keep problems from developing so you can keep your natural teeth for the rest of your life. 

Saving Damaged Teeth Through Root Canal Therapies

Years ago, root canals had a reputation for being a quite undesirable procedure and something people wanted to avoid. Now, using modern methods with the latest anesthetics, treatment is generally manageable for patients. 

Root canal therapy saves a tooth so it no longer needs to be extracted. Missing teeth can cause problems, so it's best to retain the natural tooth in order to preserve a healthy smile. During the procedure, the pulp of a tooth is removed and replaced with a filling material. This is not the same kind of filling that one thinks of for a cavity. Sometimes a crown is placed over the tooth to give it additional strength. 

You will be pleased to know Dr. Hagen is very experienced in the latest techniques of root canal therapy to save a tooth that has infected or damaged roots. 

Are You Exhausted During the Day? It Might be Caused by Sleep Apnea Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatment Cincinnati

Have you ever snoozed during the day? Do you have a problem with snoring during sleep? You might be suffering from sleep apnea. Your airway partially closes, resulting in a narrowed passageway for air flow. The usual treatment is a CPAP device, which is a bulky mask that fits over your face. A machine pumps air through the mask as you sleep. Although it helps relieve the problems, its size creates another problem – it is not comfortable, so many users give up the device.

If you have owned a CPAP device and have been unable to tolerate it, we have an alternative that is small, light, and simple to use. It's an acrylic device that fits over both your upper and lower teeth. It positions your tongue and jaw in a way that keeps your breathing airway open for sufficient airflow to your lungs. The results have been a success, with more than 90% of users having successful improvement in symptoms. Call us to discuss this oral appliance so you can get the sleep you deserve.

TMJ/TMD – Bite Alignment Treatments for Headaches and Jaw Pain

Are you aware that your bite is sometimes the source of headaches, aching or popping jaws, shoulder pain, or neck pain? When teeth have been ground down over time or lost from accidents or dental disease, your jaw is not able to comfortably settle into a relaxed position. This causes muscle tension in the jaw, and can cause a variety of pain that you might be putting up with on a daily basis. By restoring proper alignment, the jaw can be returned to the comfortable position nature intended. This is a technical procedure called a full mouth rehabilitation. If you have been living with the jaw discomfort described, please contact us to discover the benefits these procedures can bring to your overall quality of life. 

Our Unique Care for SeniorsDental Care for Seniors Cincinnati

As we age, so do our teeth and gums. Decades of plaque buildup, as well as drinking coffee or tea, or smoking, can stain and darken teeth. Ask us about the procedures that can combat these issues. Inability to produce enough saliva is often a side effect from medications. There are simple products that can help combat these issues, as well. Your tooth fillings are also aging and becoming weaker or cracking. Regular check-ups help us monitor and repair problems with fillings. Gum disease and decay can be serious problems for our older patients. Conscientious regular cleaning and good nutrition are important for healthy gums. If gums have become red, or bleed while brushing, or your teeth start to loosen, contact us as early as possible. 

If it's time for your hygiene visit, or if you're ready to schedule a no-cost/no-obligation consultation with Dr. Hagen, schedule online or give us a call at (513) 251-5500.



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